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Welcome to the new Advanced Sport Technologies website!

We are proud to launch this new website to provide hockey players across the globe cutting edge technologies to develop their skillset. Training is such an important aspect of an athlete’s success although there is only a few good products supporting this part of the game. At Advanced Sport Technologies, we believe that helping athletes to train more efficiently is the key to become better players. Champions are made by practicing more, while their competitors are sleeping. We provide to you to tools to train better and to outperform your opponents!

Future Products

At Advanced Sport Technologies, we want to bring your game to the next level. We believe that you can improve your skills using new technologies. That’s why we believe that investing in research and development for new products can help you become a better hockey player.

Stay tuned for exciting new products to be launched soon!

  • Cutting edge technology
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AST is accelerating hockey athletes growth
by giving them the means to harvest every single minutes of their workout and ensure every single sweat drop counts.

Share your thoughts!

Our research and development team is always happy to hear feedback from players, coaches and fans! We would love to have your comments on our products or have your ideas for products you would like to see that could help you during your training. Please send an email at and our team will contact you to understand your specific needs.


An anchor that resists to every push for all goaltenders. The net is solid and remains in place even with professional goalies.
MAXIME OUELLET, Retired NHL Goaltender, goaltending coach for the Remparts de Québec (LHJMQ)
Ideal for goalkeepers practices. No need to worry about the thread that moves when pushing on the post.
BENOÎT FORTIER, renowned goaltending coach (AHL, LHJMQ)